Mountain Fir Cards is a retail card company based out of Saskatoon, SK. Our main product is fantastical pop-up cards, produced with our partners in Vietnam. Mountain Fir has a few Canadian themed original designs including a Beaver, the CN Tower and the Saskatoon Bessborough. In addition to pop-up cards, we also sell cards made by Saskatoon and Calgary based designers.

Mountain Fir Cards home base is the retail store Joyne Marketplace in Saskatoon that features over 60 local small businesses. Both Mountain Fir Cards and Joyne are founded by Brant (though Joyne has a new owner) and their stories are interlinked.

Before Joyne, which opened in October 2017, Brant was living in Toronto where he first discovered this style of pop-up card. Naively he had two thoughts: Those cards are really cool and I bet I can make them. Over 40 hours later and with the help of a Cricut paper cutting machine Brant had made a functional Beaver card in his small Toronto apartment. The focus of his second pop up card design was the CN tower after working downtown and seeing it every day. With these two designs, Mountain Fir Cards was born. Mountain Fir is the actual name for the trees commonly used as Christmas trees.

In Toronto, Mountain Fir Cards were being sold by three retailers. Trying to keep up with stock for these stores was proving difficult. As was making an actual profit on the cards since the material cost was fairly high and each card took over 30 minutes to make. Not a good start to a small business. Brant realised he needed to find a manufacturer to help him make these cards. After some searching, he partnered with a manufacturer in Vietnam. When ordering those cards he saw that this manufacturer had a whole catalogue of designs and Mountain Fir cards became an importer and distributor for their cards.

Long story short Brant moved back to his hometown of Saskatoon and opened the retail store Joyne Marketplace. Joyne is often seen as an excellent place to find unique gifts and has a good selection of cards. 

Check out Joyne at joyne.ca